The Wingless Angel

She was exhausted and slightly ill from a long yoga training. She slept the whole day, woke, got ready and rode her scooter to watch my silver screen debut, sat on hard cement floor and stayed until the movie finished. She apologized for coming just in time for the movie and not before to accompany me. She offered to take my backpack when I was called to the front. She sat in the same spot watching me and following the whole discussion even though she barely speaks Indonesian.

She waited until I finished talking with everyone. She asked if I was hungry and drove me to a restaurant. The restaurant was almost closed so she held my helmet while I ran down the street to find some food. I ate my food, bumped into some friends and chatted some more. She waited until we’re done talking. She drove me to the place where I parked my scooter, then she went home. She checked if I got home safe.

That wasn’t the first time she went the extra mile to be there for me. Cheering me all the way, supporting me, reminding me that I am loved. She uses the words ‘brilliant’, ‘amazing’, ‘beautiful’ more than I can remember. Because sometimes it’s hard for me to love myself.

When you have friends like that, keep them. Keep them in your heart and soul and never let them go. You don’t call them besties or sisters. They are wingless angels sent from above because Someone up there knows how difficult it could get sometimes.

They are here to remind us that we are loved. Massively.


2 Replies to “The Wingless Angel”

  1. Thank you, Mbak Jen, the reading mat’l has inspired me. Understanding, respecting, & supporting others.
    Such a lucky person who has a “wingless angle” friend (or friends). Don’t be sad for those of you who don’t. Am thinking that instead of we are looking for the “wingless angle(s)”, let’s become the wingless angles without string attached.

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