The Power of Guilt

Guilt injects you with regrets and, even more so, a dose of satisfaction; satisfaction that you get from cheating life despite all pressures and boundaries it puts upon you.

Guilt drives you nuts with adrenaline rushes, yet you know you’d do it all over again had you were given the chance; as much as it fills you up with nasty remarks of yourself only you will ever know, it also leaves you with amazing memories of those things you did with great abandon.

Guilt pumps energy into your boneless figure and you know that you’re alive, that live doesn’t stop here, that you’re not stuck; you can and always have the chance to do something different.

Guilt fuels you; you know you’re capable of more.

Guilt boosts your confidence, your level of excitement and sense of adventure knowing that you hold a secret no one knows.

Guilt makes you the best husband, an amazing wife, a wonderful partner, a loyal friend, and a generous company.

So do wrong. Care less. Break the rules. Cross the boundaries.

Just know when to stop. And how.

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