I’m glad I impulsively bought return-trip tickets to Europe last month.

I’m glad I didn’t cancel the trip after my friend purchased the wrong tickets even though, for a splitting second, I thought the whole trip was a mistake and I should not have wasted so much money.

I’m glad I booked the appointment at The Netherlands Consulate in Bali, instead of going to Jakarta, on August 11.

I’m glad I decided to ride my scooter at 7:30 in the morning even though it was raining so hard I could barely see the road.

I’m glad I didn’t move the appointment to August 12.

I’m glad because for some reason I could not sleep the night before and the scooter ride was so cold that I got exhausted and decided to go back sooner.

I’m glad I went to the bus station and told them that I wanted to take the 13:30 bus instead of 16:30 as scheduled.

I’m glad I stayed there even though they said I could not change my ticket and they finally let me hop in when someone cancelled his seat.

I’m glad the bus stopped in front of the minimarket and my bladder forced me to open my sleepy eyes.

I’m glad that we had the silly bathroom conversation.

I’m glad we met.


I really am.