“It is so ordered.”

My best friend is gay. The first thing I did when same-sex marriage became legal in France was sending him a text: You should get married in Paris. I promise I will be there. 

My best friend will not be able to get married in our country. Not in 20 years, not in 50 years, maybe not in a million years. He will not be able to walk hand-in-hand in public nor kiss in front of their little house. They will face some great consequences should they have enough guts to make one of their biggest dreams come true: adopting a child. But in some parts of the world, they are as equal as any human being could be.

They recently made a plan to travel to the U.S. and tonight, as my eyes were glued to the screen when the Supreme Court announced marriage equality in all of America, my heart swelled with joy. People cast stones to them here but their love is respected and celebrated where they are going. My best friend and his lover will be able to kiss and walk hand-in-hand in all 50 states in the U.S.—although I doubt they will travel THAT long.

I couldn’t be happier for them, because that’s how it should be. Love triumphs. Love surpasses any superficial boundaries and obstacles.

Congratulations, America. Today you show us, the rest of the world, that love conquers all.

Love wins.



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4 Replies to ““It is so ordered.””

  1. Nice article, mb jenny!

    Walaupun negara kita jauh dari kemungkinan diijinkannya same-sex marriage (kutip lagi: jauh dari kemungkinan, atau bahkan tidak mungkin, menurut saya), begitu liat videonya reaksinya

  2. Nice article, mb jenny!

    Bgitu liat video reaksi mereka setelah announcement, saya ikut merasa senang sampai agak berkaca2 :’) saya tidak menduga sebegitu pentingnya persamaan hak di negaranya dan mereka sangat menantikan keputusan itu. Saya pernah ke salah 1 negara yg sudah melegalkan same-sex marriage, saya menemukan beberapa pasangan gay dengan santainya jalan gandengan tangan dan orang2 cuek saja tuh berlalu lalang 😀 bahkan waktu saya naik van, diblakang saya ada pasangan gay 1 tur sama saya yg lagi tidur saling menempelkan kepalanya. For me, its just a simple matter if they are hetero-couple, tapi bagi mereka yang gay-couple, melakukan hal sesimpel itu harus diperjuangkan dulu :’)

    Jadi ngalor ngidul gini ngomongnya

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