I Remember

I remember those days

When we held each other so tight in a moving subway
How we refused to let go; hands clasped and fingers intertwined
How I ran my fingers through your hair watching you falling asleep

How you covered me with blankets on cold nights
When I boiled tap water to make tea for your upset stomach
And the soothing warmth that follows

When we had a little picnic with dumplings and chocolate
How it was too early to drink yet we could not care less
How you smiled and how the camera captured the happiness

When you taught me to adjust different bike seats and change gears
How I watched your back disappeared and reappeared
How we shared bottled water and snacks that looked gross

I remember those sunny days in the parks
The cold days inside the house and windy days in between
The late mornings, quiet dawns and gentle melodies of wind chimes

When we watched the whole season of series you have already seen
How you prepared that delicious bowl of spicy popcorn
How we shared it and cleaned up the mess on the carpet

How you reached for my hand before sleep
How we closed our eyes with legs on top of each other
Do you have any idea how peaceful you looked?

And that fine evening… that particular night when the moon bloomed
When you set up the telescope with Besame Mucho on the background

How I wish we had danced.

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