Hello Kitty Galore? Why Not?

Before my trip to Taiwan, I never knew that Hello Kitty has huge fan bases all over the world. And I mean HUGE. It’s a normal thing to see one or two Hello Kitty cars in Jakarta, my hometown, but to find her printed on buses, gondola, tea bottles, popcorn, sweet shops, cafes, restaurant, planes –basically everything you can think of— even liquor? Now that’s something.

Hello Kitty Diehards, Taiwan is the place for you. I’m telling you: she can be found in every corner. Come and gorge yourself.

As for the rest of us… I hope you like pink. 😀


Because any other shape is so last decade.

Here, have some Hello Kitty popcorn…


and wash it down with milk tea!


Even better, with some liquor for extra kick!


So you’ll have enough energy to shop till you drop.


But remember this,

ss2at any cost…


You. Must. Not. Touch. Kitty.


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