Every Woman (Yes, You Too!) Deserves…

Someone who doesn’t hesitate to tell you that he loves you.

Someone who admits that he misses you.

Someone who is not afraid of your tears.

Someone who tells you that it’s okay to express your feelings.

Someone who listens to you but does not always agree with you.

Someone who can be honest with you even if it hurts.

Someone who trusts you with his secrets, even the dark ones.

Someone who believes in you.

Someone who’s willing to spend hours talking with you despite his crazy workloads.

Someone who makes time for you, because he wants to.

Someone who never gets tired to tell you that you are beautiful.

Someone who looks at you with love in his eyes.

Someone who does not only say “I love you” but also “Thank you for loving me”.

Someone who’s proud of you, and proudly tells his friends about you.

Someone who shows your pictures to his parents.

Someone who makes you laugh and makes your eyes shine.

And finally… finally,

Someone who doesn’t fill you with promises or empty words, but shows you what it means to love. Truly.

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