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About Jenny Jusuf


Jenny Jusuf was born in Jakarta on January 30th, 1984. Currently residing in Bali, the author, translator and blogger began her career publishing short stories and articles on his personal blog since 2006. She also took part in a number of writing competitions. On the same year, she had her first published piece when a Cerita Kita, a magazine for teens, printed one of her stories.

Nine years later, Jenny has published two books, a biography and several compilations of short stories written with fellow Indonesian authors. Her love for the craft of writing pushed her into other fields, including editorial writing and journalism.

In 2010, Jenny flew to Cancun, Mexico, to cover an International Climate Change conference. Her coverage was exclusively published by Indonesia’s own National Climate Change Board. Following the assignment, Jenny also entered the world of show businesses. A comedic script she had written was produced by a local TV station. It was this milestone that marked the start of Jenny’s further venture into the world of show businesses. Today, she has written an astonishing list of short films, TV shows and other programs.

“Filosofi Kopi”, an adaptation of a short story by Dewi ‘Dee’ Lestari, is Jenny’s big screen debut as a screenwriter. Dewi ‘Dee’ Lestari is one of Jenny’s idol as a writer, and she found the opportunity to be an absolute honor. Jenny started her research for the script in 2011. It was a long and challenging process, which ended in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2014. It was then that she began writing the script that later brought her to winning the Best Adapted Screenplay in Indonesian Film Festival (Festival Film Indonesia/FFI) 2015, Best Screenwriter award in Bandung Film Festival 2015 and Best Adapted Screenplay in Piala Maya 2015.

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